Your Clash Guide 2020

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Here is a list of tips for you to play Clash of Clans very well:

Your Clash Guide

Using Gems Correct

In Clash of Clans gems are the game currency with which you can buy almost everything you want in the game, such as quicker unit development, instant construction completion, and even more resources. But players receive only a small amount of gems per week (earned from their base by clearing plants and gem boxes. If players want more gems, then they have to pay real money.). And you've got to use your precious gems on the right thing, and have a strategy to eat your gems.

Tips On Processing Edges:

1. Use Gems Firstly for Builder's Huts.

The Builder's Huts can be purchased with gems only. A limit of 5 total huts is set, and each hut is more expensive than the previous hut. Here are the charges:

# 1 Builder Hut: No Expense

Builder Hut # 2: 250 Edgings

Builder Hut # 3: 500 Edgings

Constructors Hut # 4: 1000 Gems

Builder Hut # 5: Ed. 2000

2. Secondly, using Gems to Raise Barracks.

You can use your extra gems to raise the Barracks until you obtain enough gems for 5 Huts. Boosting barrack costs just 10 gems and takes 2 hours to complete. This effect causes the Barracks to generate units 4 times as quickly as usual.

3. Never use Gems for Resource

The worst use is the purchase of money for gems. To minimize the influence of real-life money in Clash of Clans, buying resources costs an exorbitant amount of gems – expect hundreds of gems to be spent on a tangible amount of resources that could be accomplished in just 1-2 raids.

If you need money, the "Full Now" option on the Barracks is much easier to use. For only 5-30 gems, you can create a completely maxed army and then go on a raid. You can do this in a row 2-3 times and soon receive a significant amount of money.

4. Using Units Correct

You have to weigh the expense and time-consuming of each before selecting the units. If you want to cost savings, using cheap units. Which units to make depend on the level of your Tower Space.

5. Using only Spells Necessary

Spells are more than merely an addition to an attack. When you cross a certain point in Clash of Clans, you'll know you're not even supposed to launch a spell less attack. If you are at a lower level of the Town Hall, the most valuable thing you have is spells. Spells are the only way you can take action while all your troops are on the ground, during an assault. And when you want to use Spell, you have no other choice to make sure you have. Never use Spell when there is one. Moreover, Magic often requires a great deal of time and energy. When using these spells, you need to be sure that using the spell will allow you to gain at least 15k or 23k extra money.

6. Little by little update Town Hall

It's tempting to update your Clash of Clans town hall as soon as you can afford it, but that is not what you want to do. The higher the level of your town hall, the less loot you receive from raids, and, if you assault other players, you receive less loot if they have a lower level of town hall than you. When your town hall is at level 10, the amount you can steal is half what you can steal on the first five floors.

Before upgrading your Clash of Clans town hall you should upgrade your buildings to max rates as you continue. After that, then you can update the town hall. Bear in mind that there is no penalty for upgrading to level 5, but once you hit that level you'll need to know when the time is right to upgrade to a Clash of Clans level 6 town hall.

And have your town hall updated painfully.

7. Start early matchmaking

You get a three-day shield when you start playing Clash of Clans first. But very few players can attack you because of your low Loot Penalty even though you drop your shield. As a consequence, when you need support without fear of reprisal, you can start matchmaking right away. You can skip around and find a base of exposed consumers of resources, and use a handful of Barbarians, Goblins, or Archers to attack them. Even if you get hit, players at a low level in the Town Hall have very little to lose. You'll just lose a little bit of energy that can be more than a single attack would make up for. This is an organization that stands by you.

8. Using the "Latest" Most frequently

The "Next" helps you to select the perfect base from which to strike, and it only costs you a few gems. You may also select the ideal base before fighting any of your all-units. And they still make the right choice.

9. Place the Club Castle in the Base Centre

The Clan Castle is one of the strongest defensive mechanisms of yours, but only if used properly. And how do you make Clan Castle the best defensive structure possible? You are expected to put your Clan Castle in the base center. Why? Why?

1. Give the best versatility to your Clos Castle.

2. Give the best defense to your Castello Clan.

3. Cover the Loot from Battle.

4. Have your Clans Castle more frequently open.

10. 10. Switch to Dark Elixir

Upon entering Town Hall 7 and beyond, Dark Elixir will always be your limiting power. Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans is the rarest and most precious tool. You'll need to save it for regular attacks and security updates. And your heroes make a difference in each attack, so upgrading them with Dark Elixir is vitally necessary. And you really should be concentrating on Dark Elixir.

Hopefully, you can play Clash of Clans very well with these eight guides (or tips).